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We have puppies! 

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'Silly Sioux' Update

'Silly Sioux' is the beautiful little ten year old Frenchie so successfully rescued from the Pinellas County shelter by the loving and caring team at Luv-A-Bull All Breed Rescue is very, very happy and content in her new home.  She is living on a beautiful farm in Florida and has so many new animal and human friends that there is hardly enough hours in the day to be with them all.  Her new life has given her new vigor and she is like a puppy again.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to all concerned.  Remember, if you unable to care for your dog whether for personal, economic or health reasons - do the right thing, place them in rescue. Luv-A-Bull All Breed Rescue is a wonderful organization ably owned and operated by Christina Smith and Sean Foley,  For more information on placement, or to donate needed money or supplies (tax deductible) contact Tina at 954-328-1143

Always Microchip
It Saves Lives!
'Silly Sioux' is alive today for only one reason,  her microchip! 

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Frenchie friends enjoying a joke on a lovely spring day.

Photo By Frenchie Friend Alexandra Rosenstein

Something Important To Consider When Buying A 'Frenchie' Puppy

We have all seen the adorable Frenchies in the movies and advertisements.  They are all creme and cute.  And, now in your search for a puppy you make your first consideration 'color'.  This may not be a good idea.  Reputable breeders breed in all of the acceptable colors, brindle, creme/fawn, black mask and piebald (pied).  You will see examples of all of these colors on this website or other websites of other breeders.  But, in your search for a French bulldog puppy, please keep an open mind where color is concerned.  There are advantages and disadvantages to all colors.  Creme dogs probably will have tear stains and/or discolorations around their feet which are very unatractive and hard to remove.  Lighter color dogs may be more prone to allergies (although some may dispute this).  Brindles do absorb light and heat as they are darker, and may require more care in warmer weather. 

The important thing to remember is that you are buying a puppy for life, and you have chosen a wonderful breed.  When selecting your puppy pay particular attention to how the puppy relates to you initially.  Be careful that it is well socialized, confident but not aggressive.  Eliminating puppies on the basis of color may result in gaining a designer pet  for your leash, but missing out on a wonderful best friend for life.  In Florida demand a health certificate.  It's required by law!  Make sure the puppy is at loeast 8 weeks old, it's the law too!  Hopefully, you have seen the brteder's facility and one or both of the parents.

Finally, beware of 'fad' colors especially 'blue' frenchies.  They are not acceptable according to the French Bulldog breed standards in the United States or Canada.  These are genetically recessive colors that are not produced by reputable breeders.  They are expensive only because they are a fad, and are rare only because reputable breeders refuse to breed them.  To learn more click on the link below to read about fad colors.

Now, go out search for your puppy, but keep an open mind about color, please!

click here to download 'No Fad Colors' Brochure

Located in Tamarac, Florida

'For Love Of The Breed'

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